Disruption free industrial operations

AI-driven actionable insights to increase availability of your industrial assets, and reduce cost safely.
We believe machines don't
have to break

Increase operational availability

Remove unscheduled downtime

Disruption free industrial operations. Optimise your Maintenance strategy with our platform and save costs.

Increase ROI of your assets

In the new industrial economy, focus is on doing more with less. Amygda delivers better outcomes to industries.

Predict and prevent damage

Monitor your assets to save costs and increase safety. We also help you prevent very expensive secondary damage.

Using data to make better decisions

Increase your warning time to maintenance

Planning is important for any industrial business. Our methods can identify a need for maintenance up to 50 operating cycles in advance. Giving you a longer lead time to plan repair or replace activities.

Actionable insights relevant to your business operations

Our mission is to remove disruption from your industrial operations. And you know your business well. We provide actionable insights customised to your business and service engineers. In exactly the way you want them.

All your complex assets covered

We built for diverse industrial assets. Your business is reliant on a number of systems working together. Our platform can predict and prevent failures on all complex industrial assets. We understand the domain.

Remove surprises from your industrial operations

Industrial assets are complex machines. With us you have the peace of mind that Amygda platform is constantly looking for first of its kind emerging issues to remove any bad surprises from your industrial operations.

the AMYGDA platform

Experience the AMYGDA platform

Built for velocity, volume and veracity of data

From high frequency (1Hz) data to snapshot data in time intervals, our platform is built for time-series data, the format of choice in large industrial businesses.

Customisable and actionable user interface

Displays real-time alerts and notifications of emerging issues. Built by engineers to meet the needs of service engineers in industrial operations.

Offering abundance of value

Our complex event processing system has accessibility to over 200 algorithms. Ready for industrial applications in a number of different industries.

A vendor agnostic platform

Ingest both historical and real-time data from any number of sources. Connect via API, web-upload, or satellite communication. We are industrial ready.


simulation data

A NASA turbofan simulated engine dataset with 100 engine failures was made available. Each of the engines have 24 sensor parameters.



We support rolling stock owners and train operating companies to improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Construction equipment

Take control of your off-highway. Monitor performance, reduce fuel costs, and optimise maintenance schedules for cost saving.


A partner of choice in reshaping the airline industry. Our platform delivers on renewed focus of cost reduction and sustainable efficient flying.

THE New industrial economy is built on data

And data is changing the world. We believe you know your business much better than an OEM.
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case study

NASA simulation data

A NASA turbofan simulated engine dataset with 100 engine failures was made available. Each of the engines have 24 sensor parameters. 


All 100 engine data has less than 1% deviation from normal operating data. To the human eye there were no signs or warnings of impending failure. 
engines had a failure. 


Amygda methods were applied to the engines and built an orchestration of algorithms, from our library of over 200 algorithms.
We found data driven insights and turned them into actionable insights to predict and prevent further engine failures. 


Using Amygda methods we were able to clearly demonstrate damage and impending failure 50 cycles in advance
Our platform could be implemented quickly to predict and prevent these failures in the future.