Generative AI for Transport
Unlock the power of
Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI for Transport
Enterprise Generative AI application designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by operators and OEMs in the industry. Leveraging the latest pre-trained transformer models, Amygda's Generative AI for transport application transforms maintenance and operations practices to enhance knowledge transfer and operational efficiency across the industry.

Traditional maintenance processes in the transport sector often suffer from inefficiencies, inaccuracies in data input, and siloed knowledge.
Amygda's Generative AI for transport addresses these challenges head-on by leveraging data from various sources, including predictive maintenance alerts, equipment performance data, technical reports, historical knowledge from senior engineers and more.
Amygda's Generative AI for transport application utilising pre-trained LLMs and AI agents.
Benefits of Generative AI for Enterprises
  • Collaboration and knowledge transfer
    Our Generative AI in Maintenance leverages the vast knowledge and expertise of experienced technicians and the wealth of maintenance data available, to provide step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guidance, helping bridge the skills gap and enable less experienced personnel to benefit from the insights and best practices of seasoned professionals.
  • Augment human expert systems
    There is a circular benefit for using Amygda's Generative AI in transport. By combining the power of human intelligence with the efficiency and scalability of AI, generative AI enables experts to make more informed and accurate decisions, ultimately improving overall system performance and productivity.
  • Smart maintenance support
    Amygda's time series foundation models for sensor data techniques reduce the time for each new use case in your fleet from months to weeks (and soon to days). With each alert the user can openly converse with the expert AI system, asking context aware questions and getting results summarised from enterprise wide sources of data or specific AI models.
Generative AI for transport integrates data from multiple sources that are used in MaintOps
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