A short interview - Leonardo's Program Manager, Gianluca Volo

We conducted a short interview with Leonardo's Senior Program Manager, Gianluca Volo to learn more about our cooperation so far in the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) and take the feedback to continue strengthening our collaboration. 

In your own words, how has the collaboration been so far and how have you found Amygda as a team? How was been the communication and dealing with Faizan and Shery?

Dealing with Amygda is exciting like riding on a supers sport bike. The reaction to every Leonardo’s team input is sharp and fast and the feeling is to be always supported by Amygda’s team no matter how demanding the “learning angle” might be.

Faizan and Shery provide their feedback proactively, honestly and in a constructive way allowing the whole team and ultimately Leonardo to fine tune the roadmap towards achieving the best results.
All the expectations in dealing with Amygda as a growing startup with a robust technical background have been satisfied for this acceleration phase and are the best introduction to future collaboration.

On the business itself, now that you’ve seen more than others have, what’s your view of our value to businesses like Leonardo and others?

Preventive maintenance is being addressed by the major OEM’s as one of the innovative way to reduce maintenance cost while improving fleet serviceability and availability.
This would apply not only to helicopters, but to any kind of “complex object”, from aircrafts to ships, from system LRU’s to manufacturing.
Due to its intrinsic multiple correlated contributions, any solution has to leverage on the digital innovation initiatives to efficiently and effectively process big data.
Amygda is pioneering in this new world from both the business and the AI/machine learning algorithms sides.
Thanks to their open mind approach and agility combined with a solid technical footprint, the collaboration with Leonardo will achieve the preventive maintenance objectives and provide different levels of data driven business models to improve the Customer experience and add value to Leonardo’s business.

Thank you to Gianluca and the Leonardo team for their continued support and the amazing collaboration!