Full Stack Developer

The most important aspect of this job is having a cultural fit with the team.

Defining culture is hard - but we will attempt anyways.We are a small team of 4 and experimenting with everything we do. We are open and transparent, and definitely don’t like being jerks. That’s just not a culture we will ever build. When you decide to work with us, you are deciding to work on solving ambiguity. Challenges that are hard, complex, and frustrating. But that’s what gets us out of bed. 10 years from now what we are doing will be the norm. You join us to either have the feeling of having been ahead of the curve or drawn that curve. Don’t apply if you just want the salary (it is £40K by the way), you might get a higher salary somewhere else too. But join us if you want to build an alternative way of doing things in industries that haven’t changed for 100 years.

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